Slate Worktops and Bathroom Vanity Tops

Slate. For a worktop. Yes, really.

Isn’t slate too soft for that?

Oh, sorry, that builder friend of your mate Trevor’s said “oh, no, slate’s too soft for that”. And “it’s really uneven”. But he also said “which idiot’s done your tiling/electrical work/plumbing/liposuction for you?” That’s right, he’s an expert on EVERYTHING.

But wait. What if we told you slate makes an epic kitchen worktop?

That yes, we can cut it to size, make a cut-out for your sink, a tap hole or two and some drainer grooves. That we could seal it up. And fettle you some splash-backs too.


That it WILL make a pleasant change from all your neighbours with their marble, granite, melamine and laminate worktops.

Oh, and it will be scarily cost effective.

Talk to us. Send us your drawings. Templates would be fantastic; whether they’re made of plastic, plywood, cardboard or kryptonite are all very helpful. For sure, kryptonite will be a first, but hey, anything you want, we want.

Slate Worktop Gallery

Worktop sink hole cut

Worktop sink hole cut

Arris edge close up

Worktop edge closeup

Sink top

Kitchen worktop

Graphite slab cill

Full bullnose

Worktop edge closeup


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