Natural Slate Ridges

Yet another confusing matter to deal with. The part of the roof above the slates (or tiles, but let’s not go there), is a ridge. Or is it a ridge tile? Read on…

Natural Slate Ridges or Ridge Tiles

Well, it’s another one for our internet geeks who recommend we use both terms so the bots can pick us up. Our slate ridges are not designed for the mass market – they’re simply too good for that! The customer base for our natural slate ridge tiles are a far more discerning lot; they clearly include the householders themselves, along with self-builders, high end contractors and of course the largest natural slate distributors in the land. Or maybe somebody who wants that finishing touch to their slate roof rather than the compromise of a cheaper option. Available in either Plain or Capped and in two colours, Graphite and Green. They’re made from slate, yes, real slate. No, not reconstituted slate. Or granules. Or toothpaste. Or lego. Or fuzzy felt. SLATE. Look, there’ll be a test at the end so you’d better pay attention. But why would you want them? Concrete ridges are so much cheaper; half decent clay options might save you a little bit too. Glass reinforced concrete might be an option for you too.

However…. As our ridges are made from actual slate they make a superb compliment to any natural slate roof:

  • Welsh slate? Oh yes. Boyo.
  • Spanish? Si.
  • French? Oui monsieur (or madame).
  • Vermont green from the good old U.S. of A? Yessir. Do y’all want cheese with that? And have a nice day.
  • Chinese? Hai. (Yes, I know that’s Japanese)
  • Brazilian? Muito bom.
  • Burlington and Westmorland? Hmm, tricky one coming up with a stereotype for that, sorry.
  • Cornish? Ooh arr, my lovely.
  • Reclaimed? Yes, even them, you cheapskate. Oh, sorry, you’re saving the planet, aren’t you by “reusing something”. Course you are.

Okay, you get the idea. So, you’ve already gone to the expense of buying natural slates instead of tiles, well done you. Why spoil it for what, in the scheme of things, is only going to cost you just a few quid more? And that’s before we factor in the whole “when spread over the lifetime of your roof” argument.

The boring technical bit:

  • Dimensions: 450mm long, with 150mm wings and 15mm thick
  • Approximate weight: 5.5kg
  • Standard angles: 90°, 105°, 115° and 125° suit most roof pitches

Other angles available as a special order. Like 75 degree, or whatever you need for your dolls house/dog kennel/east wing extension.

Hip and Gable Stop Ends also available (see photo in gallery below). Mono ridges made to order. What’s a mono ridge you ask? If you need to ask, you don’t need them. Okay, there’s a picture above, to the right.

We can supply any quantity you require. 1,000,000 ridges? Absolutely. One ridge? It really is a dolls house isn’t it? Oh, go on then. We offer guidance on fixing whether you want to mechanically fix (dry fix) or use good old mortar (wet fix).

Natural Slate Ridges Gallery

Hip end with dry fix

Capped green ridge

Green capped ridge with Vermont slate

Hip and gable stop end

Roof ridges fitted

Ridge rigs

Roof ridges fitted


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