Roofing Slates

Roofing Slates

Welsh slate. Spanish slate. Chinese slate. Brazilian slate. Slate from France, Cumbria, Canada and the USA. Probably some other countries too.

Wow, confusing…

Let us help you

We work with three of the largest importers and distributors of natural roofing slate in the UK, which means we can source your roofing slate for you.

How on earth do you decide, using your own intuition, that what you’re about to purchase is good enough? First, try not to be driven by price. Yeh, yeh, it’s dead easy for us to say that, sat here in a nice warm office and thinking about taking the dog for a walk, but really, the first thing we’d ask for is provenance.


Sure, a sample is nice and a smooth talking salesperson is lovely. Some paperwork saying the slate has passed BS-EN 12326, it’s driving test, cycling proficiency and half a dozen GCSE’s at A* grade can seem very reassuring, but if it was us….show us a roof where the slate has been used. Let me go and see it. Has it weathered? Has it weathered well? And ask the home owner. Or the roofer. Now THAT’S provenance.

Still confused? Welcome to the world of natural slates; it can get scary out there kids. But call us, ask us about your roofing slate, we’re happy to at least point you in the right direction. For no charge and with no axe to grind. Yes, really.

Slate quarries

Slate quarry

Splitting slate in quarry


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