Welcome to
Ribble Valley Slate

Well done, you’ve found us. Who the heck are we?

Well, we’re Ribble Valley Slate Ltd, a small but extremely well formed specialist natural slate importer and supplier, based here in the beautiful Ribble Valley, Lancashire, since 2008, and with experience in the natural slate industry since 1985.

What do we do?

We supply natural slate for a number of applications such as hearths, wall copings, window cills, flooring, kitchen work tops, house signs and ridge tiles. A lot of this is bespoke, cut and finished to our customer’s exact requirements and done so here in the North of England. We deliver anywhere in the UK, from our warehouse in Blackburn, Lancashire.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, convince you sliced bread hasn’t been invented, teach your Grandma to suck eggs or go to the foot of our stairs here. Sorry, too many Northern colloquialisms? What we try to offer is a personal service, honest opinion, attention to detail, very competitive pricing and not to take life too seriously, apart from getting you the slate you want, at the right price and when you need it.

What we don’t offer is a soulless call centre type operation, slimy salespeople and a “screw you into the ground with our ever growing greed” mentality. We treat people right and we sleep at night. And we fret if we don’t think we’ve looked after you. We also use a command of the English language which might be a little loosey-goosey at times and technically, well, incorrect. Sorry about that. Blame the caffeine. Or beer. And a Secondary Modern education. Still with us? Splendid. Click a page of your liking to explore the world of slate we offer!


Call us on 01254 825883 


Opening Times: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm