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Natural Slate Signs

Our Natural Slate House Signs are available in both the Graphite AND Green slate, engraved here in the North West of England, using hand selected pieces from our extensive stocks.

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Size Matters

As a rule, we always use 15mm thick slate. Yes, you heard that right, not 8mm, 10mm or please god no, “10-12mm with some variance, we’re not exactly sure”. Or a piece of roofing slate with plastic letters (shudders). Why does this make a difference? Well, as in other matters in life, size does make a difference. It gives you a precious word we call “presence”. Or, in the real world (i.e. bunged on the front of your house) 15mm will stand out, make you look really important and, fingers crossed, really pee off your neighbours. Until they buy one from us too, sorry.

Our stone mason hand carves the numbers and words using a state of the art laser guided cnc type machine. The digits are always “v” cut deep into the slate, not sand blasted and are hand painted with either white, gold or silver paint to give not only a long lasting effect, but added depth perception.

Okay, I’ve just read that back and even I’m not sure what it means, but just trust me on this, they look reet good, as we say here in Clitheroe.

What else? All our signs are made to order. Why? Well, maybe you want a slightly bigger piece of slate, or smaller numbers and letters, or a different font? Or a smaller piece of slate and huge numbers because your peepers aren’t what they used to be? Maybe you don’t want the holes drilled and countersunk? Maybe you want secret fixings? Maybe you want a secret sign? Or a sign with a secret on it? Shhh, we won’t tell anybody! Basically, what DO you want? We will do our damnedest to provide it! We want to give it to you and we want you to remember it, so it’s good for both of us. All of our slate signs are hand finished, so no sharp edges. We also drill two (or more if you want) holes in them, countersink the holes so they look spot on, dig out a couple of plugs and even two screws, all included in the price.

We then wrap your slate in a bit of bubble wrap, which you can then give to that irritating child of your friends to play with when they visit your house and you hope they don’t stay long. In the meantime, we will wrap your package in cardboard, stick some postage on it and the next thing you know it’s in your hands and you’re going “flipping heck, glad we chose Ribble Valley Slate Ltd to order this from and not one of those others”. Bottom line – tell us what you want on your sign and how big you want it. We’re going to sort it for you….

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Gold lettering house sign

White lettered house sign

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House name and number

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